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Inspire Your Imagination By Exploring Body Movement As A Source Of Inspiration


Anderson Carvalho Dance & Choreography

Anderson Carvalho Dance & Choreography is an independent non-profit creation-based contemporary dance company foundation from the Netherlands, founded by the Brazilian/Dutch choreographer Anderson Carvalho. The Foundation is dedicated to artistic creation, research, socio-artistic empowerment, collaboration, innovation and cultural understanding through dance. Our aim is to offer unique experience in dance that inspires an open space for questioning and dialogue. 

ACDC Works

We are not just a dance organization; we are a community united by a shared love for movement, rhythm, and self-expression. Established with a mission to spread the joy of dance and empower social transformation, we take pride in being a hub of creativity, learning, and artistic exploration.

As a socially engaged artist Anderson Carvalho, his work leads the dancer to a better understanding on how to create a good level of artistry. Challenging the dancer to find new movement initiations in order to explore new possibilities in the body, focusing on creating strong and dynamic bodies, working towards precision, articulacy and defining their authentic movement quality through choreography.


Our Management Team

Anderson Carvalho

Founder | Choreographer

G T Draisma

Company Manager

We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. Established with a vision to inspire to aspire, we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking company that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and a commitment.


In the News

A collection of articles, interviews, and reviews that shine a light on the vibrant and diversity of our company. Explore the narratives, the behind-the-scenes magic, and the pulse through the lens of the press.

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