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"Mother & Son"
Project Number 8

Mother & Son.jpg

"Mother & Son" 2020
Project Number 8

Mother & Son tells a story of an artist who is looking back to the past, traveling in memories and seeking to reconnect with his roots.

The work traverse countries and life generation. Anderson Carvalho dive deep into Haroldo Lacerda Júnior’s life story, mirroring his memories and sharing moments that for both generations are a point of connection between now and before. Anderson Carvalho questions the beauty in the simplicity of the movements and the presentation of the scenography. He brings to the scene images of a place that for him no longer exists but is still engraved in his memories.


The sound of the triangle and accordion instruments have an important role during the journey. They bring back all the memories and keep the pace of the journey without losing its essence. The artist met different people with similar stories and gave each story a voice to be heard.


He revisits encounters, losses, fears, strengths, tears, friends and family. In four years of research the artist found out that the most present passenger in his journey is the figure of his mother.

The work has been presented at:

Video Dance Festival Brazil 2020

Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2020

CICA Museum, South Korea 2021

MIVA Festival 2021