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As águas em mim

This visual essay documents the process of creating the

dance video titled "As águas em mim", a process that

took place in October 2023 between the Netherlands and


A Collaboration between Anderson Carvalho & Anne-Sophie Gosselin

Original Music Score by D.D Falamais, Beto Sousa, Valcir Santos in Collaboration with Anderson Carvalho

After almost 10 years of living in Brazil, when Anne-Sophie Gosselin returns to her homeland, the desire to narrate the profound experience of her connection with Candomblé arises. From the collaboration with artist Anderson Carvalho, this visual work is born, transforming memories and a sensitive history into a poetic narrative. With gentle movements, colors, and music, "as águas em mim" portrays the figure of Yemanjá, the owner of heads, her sensuality in simplicity, her embracing arms, her love overflowing in the waves of the sea, the sway of her emotions in search of balance. In the play of light and shadow, the strength and fragility of femininity emerge. The composition of images, gestures, and colors transports us to the terreiro, its ground, its celebrations.



A collection of photographs