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ACDC Dance

When I Left The Room, a research dance performance 2022

Connection | Relation | Creation | Transformation

19 & 20 May 2022 Joseph Stone Auditorium,

Cape Town, South Africa


Showcasing Your Artistic Vision

With ACDC Dance Intersect

Guest Choreographer

Unleashing The Potential of Collaboration

ACDC Dance Intersect is dedicated to providing creatives with the opportunity and space to experiment and showcase their work. We are excited to offer a platform artists to share their artistic vision with our audience and the world. 

ACDC Dance Intersect 2022 invites Elvis Sibeko, a dynamic and talented choreographer from Cape Town, who is making his waves in the dance scene, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the art of choreography.  

Dance Intersect 20222

ACDC Choreographic Lab

ACDC Dance Intersect Choreographic Lab, a four month international program approach transcends traditional boundaries. Choreographers and dancers collaboratively weave together personal and collective experiences, forming the very essence that serves as a medium for understanding, sensing, and communicating ideas, experiences, and emotions through movement.

ACDC Dancers 2023

ACDC Dance Intersect

From 2022 to 2024


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