In Between Spaces

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In between Spaces dives deep into Kleber Fernandes his life story, mirroring his memories and sharing moments that are a point of connection between now and before for both artists.


The artist Anderson Carvalho questions the beauty in the simplicity of the movements and the presentation of the scenography. He brings images of a place that no longer exists for him but are still engraved in his memories.


VIDEO ART - In Between Spaces

DOC ART - In Between Spaces

Concept, Creative Direction, Video Editing

Anderson Carvalho

Movement Composition, Dancer

Kleber Fernandes


Original Music

"In Between Spaces"


Kristian Skaarbrevik



Caleb Lacerda



Emerson Miranda

San Cruz

Hair by

Valter Ribeiro

Costume Designer

Vitor Cunha

Project Assistant 

Renata Lacerda


Production /Project Manager

Renan Melo