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Intimacy of the Skin 2023


Anderson Carvalho Dance & Choreography

Artistic Director Anderson Carvalho  Financial & Company Manager Gert-Tom Draisma  Choreography Anderson Carvalho  Original Score Adam Claussen Choreography Adviser Lindy Raizenberg  Lighting Design Faheem Bardien  Costume Design Anderson Carvalho  Costume Maker Linda America  Graphic Design Romano Cardinal  Scenography Anderson Carvalho and Abdullah  Photography Michelle Hughes Videography Marko de Beer  Publicist Andre Gilbertson  Media Support Robyn Cohen 

The work is a reflection on the intimate relation of the body with its memories embedded in the skin and in the physical spaces. The work is inspired by true story, the memories of everyday life and is a reflection on the works of philosophers such as Gaston Bachelard, Zygmunt Bauman, Bertolt Brecht, notion of exploration of life experience, relationship, memories, home, and the experience of space.  "...the house is the human’s first universe, which integrates thoughts, memories and desires that collects and contains past, present and future” - Bachelard. ‘The Intimacy of the Skin’ is a passionate choreographic journey through memories and experience of space, integrating thoughts, desires and beliefs. It offers a fascinating exploration of the many ways in which our skin shapes our lives, experiences and our relationships with others. From the sensory experiences of touch to the social and historical meanings of skin color, Carvalho invites the audience to reflect on the complex and multifaceted nature of our most visible and intimate organ. 

Performed during ACDC Dance Intersect 2023 in Cape Town and at Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2023 in Kigali Rwanda


A collection of photographs

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