As a performer Anderson has worked together with choreographers and artist such as Ryan Djojokarso (Netherlands), Dora Andrade (Brazil), Gilano Andrade (Brazil), Marcelo Evelin (Netherlands / Brazil), Raúl Saldarriaga (Colombia and Netherlands), Gabriella Maiorino (Italy), Zee Hartmann (USA and South Africa), Daniela Di Lorenzo (Italy), Allison Hendricks (South Africa), Philip Boyd (South Africa), Louise Coetezer (South Africa), Oscar O'ryan (South Africa), Anne Sophie Gosselin (France), and Anne Surrendor (Netherlands),  amongst others.
He participated in several performances in Brazil, New York, Europe and South Africa. After launching his career in Brazil, and living and working for some years in Europe, he moved to South Africa to give another international dimension to his career where he lived for four years. Today is currently living in the Netherlands.

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