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Project Number 8
July 2020 / May 2021

Providing a digital platform for artists to collaborate, to share their experiences and to present video art works in an international context.

Project Number 8 is a series of short art/dance videos and is being developed by the choreographer Anderson Carvalho as a response to the constraints of the global lockdown. His idea is to bring emerging and professional artists from different countries and backgrounds together, and especially offer opportunities to artists from disadvantaged backgrounds from the favelas of Brazil to the townships around the world.


Project N. 008 is an experimental dance video art project where the creational process is remote, and with the aim to connect artists separated by distance into one digital space. The project bridges dance, music, fashion and film and results in video art products where all involved parties contribute with their knowledge and work to bring a particular message. Earlier movies include an autobiographical story about the relationship between mother and son, and the journey of a current day fashion model and dancer from the favelas of Fortaleza to the catwalks in Rio and Sao Paulo. 


A concept for a dance video is initiated by the choreographer Anderson Carvalho by explaining a rough idea to the participants. The choreographer provides instructions for setting, type of movements, recording method, type of clothing, etc., but with leaving room for the spontaneous real live occurrences, interaction with the environment, and the creativity of the parties involved. The dancers do not get the music beforehand but are asked to perform the movements without. The recordings received back are full of surprises, and with images that are sometimes art in itself. The choreographer then creates a choreography post recording, through the process of editing the videos, and adding the music. Using many different techniques, a video emerges with many different layers, both from a video editing point of view, as well as abstraction levels and meaning. 


Powerful, captivating, full of the local colors, and inviting to watch again and again.


The project has so far received recognition internationally, and as a result, the choreographer, Anderson Carvalho, has been invited to be the chairman of the Jury of the South Korean Contemporary Dance Festival, as well has been asked to create a number of commissioned works, including the creation of a video for the Ubumuntu arts festival, Kigali Rwanda.



The mission of the choreographer Anderson Carvalho is to support artists from any field globally and bring the audience an art work of quality.

To achieve this mission, he has three objectives: 

  1. To promote development of artists living in a context of social vulnerability through digital collaboration;

  1. To create a shared art platform, to promote artists from disadvantaged background and their work internationally, building appreciation and demand for the arts;

  1. To build a capacity, to inspire creativity and to bring personal, social and artistic growth. 



Anderson Carvalho was invited to collaborate with Ubumuntu Arts Festival, Kigali, Rwanda in July 2020. Anderson Carvalho has created the work entitled “Hope of Flames”, in cooperation with artists from different art discipline and from nine different countries




The work “Decussate”,  created in a collaboration between Anderson Carvalho and two dance companies, Corpo Mudança from Brazil and Dance for All from South Africa, was selected to be presented during the Arts Festival Ubumuntu. The whole project happened remotely, all through cell phone.




The work “Mother & Son” was selected again selected by Ubumuntu Arts Festival to be presented in their social media platforms. 



The project idea has benefit in collaboration more than 39 artists from different countries and art disciplines. The project created a total of eight art video till date.

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