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"The Intimacy of the Skin"


The Intimacy of the Skin (Solo)
MAPA Netherland

The intimacy of the skin is a reflection on the intimate relation of the body with its memories embedded in the skin and in the physical spaces. The work is inspired by true story, the memories of everyday life and as it is reflected on the works of philosophers such as Gaston Bachelard, Zygmunt Bauman, Bertolt Brecht, notion of exploration of life experience, relationship, memories, home, and the experience of space.  "...the house is the human’s first universe, which integrates thoughts, memories and desires that collects and contains past, present and future” - Bachelard.

The Intimacy of the Skin is a passionate journey through memories and experience of space, integrating thoughts, desires and believe.

Studio MAPA Nederland

What has happened in the past that has make who you are today?


The Intimacy of the Skin is about taking yourself on a far journey; questioning, observing, and facing the darkness to come to a new world – through a choreographic creation process. Who are you today? It’s about finding yourself through movement and choreography, leaving behind your old-self and all the labels that society has taught, demanded, and given to you. 

The Intimacy of the Skin

Researching at MAPA

In this work/process, there is an exploration in how we understand and perceive the world around us and how it impacts on our inner relationships and human development, given one’s constantly changing point in space, time and reality. The work is a movement exploration and translation of today’s internal, social, and relational conflicts in a modern society. ‘The Intimacy of the Skin’ questions what has happened in the past that has made who you are today by diving in a personal journey through movement, unfolding memories, countless and intensive personal conversations, touching the skin as a tool for analytical lens and a sensed understanding of space and spiritual experiences, healing wounds, telling/sharing stories and exploring a personal inner world through movement to understand who you are today.


The Intimacy of the Skin



16th January 202


The Intimacy of the Skin
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