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Embracing The Next Wave Of Contemporary Dance

Connection | Relation | Creation | Transformation


Inspire To Aspire

Anderson Carvalho Dance & Choreography

“I am a multidisciplinary dance artist currently focusing on researching my choreographic practice as an independent choreographer, working at the intersection between technology, body and film, exploring the boundaries of new media and dance.

My work is an investigation and translation of my experiences through movement and choreography, experiencing creation from as many different angles as possible, crossing borders, searching for new spaces, forms, sounds, movement and opportunity for the expression of a creative freedom.” - Anderson Carvalho (Founder & Choreographer)

Connecting The World Through Dance

ACDC Dance Intersect

The overarching goal of ACDC Dance Intersect is to promote the art of dance through an interactive and innovative platform. This platform serves as a medium for the creation and presentation of new collaborations and works, while also fostering opportunities for skill exchanges between emerging and professional artists around the globe.

Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow's

Dance Expression

What's On

A visually captivating journey

ACDC Works | Gallery

A visually captivating journey through the heart of our creative endeavors. Immerse yourself in a a collection of high-resolution images that showcase  captivating moments captured through the lens, and the essence of our work.

ACDC Dance Intersect

From 2022 to 2023


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