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Connecting The World Through Dance

Inspire To Aspire

ACDC Dance Intersect

Dance Intersect is Anderson Carvalho’s initiative and focusses on the endorsement and development of dance, by enriching and promoting the local and international artists, companies, and dance institutions through a cultural exchange, creating a space for intersection of culture, and enhancing the relationship between all parts involved. 

Cultural Exchange

The project aims to promote the art of dance through an interactive, innovative platform for the creation and presentation of new collaborations, new works, while creating opportunities for skills exchange between emerging and professional artists. 

The project is built around a model of partnerships and exchange, encourages social transformation through cultural exchange.

Arts Content Creation and Development of a New Innovative Art Platform

The project results include a new work created by ACDC in collaboration with the dancers that take part in the ACDC Choreographic Lab. Further to this, the performance will incorporate interdisciplinary elements of set design, light design, costuming and further design elements to enhance the production.


Encouraging Social Transformation

Dance Intersect is built around a model of partnerships and exchange, encouraging social transformation through cultural exchange, bringing emerging and professional artists from different countries and background together in a shared performance art platform.

ACDC Dance Intersect Choreographic Lab, a four month international program approach transcends traditional boundaries. Choreographers and dancers collaboratively weave together personal and collective experiences, forming the very essence that serves as a medium for understanding, sensing, and communicating ideas, experiences, and emotions through movement. This melding of personal and shared narratives becomes the cornerstone for a captivating dance narrative.

Participants embark on a unique journey that goes beyond mere movement, offering a profound exchange of what is seen, felt, thought, and sensed. Through this collective effort, a transformative experience is crafted, meant to be shared with the external world, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of emotions and ideas woven through movement.

ACDC Dance Intersect Choreographic Lab.

Intersect is where connection, relation, creation, and transformation converge. Connecting individuals from different backgrounds and countries, to share their life experiences and artwork; Creating a space to maintain and improve the social relation between artists from the different countries; Offering a space to allow artistic creation to emerge; Encouraging audience development through unique audience engagement opportunities for international emerging and professional artists, and allowing for skills exchange and development while supporting each other’s social and artistic growth. 

Connection | Relation | Creation | Transformation

Dance Intersect features amazing dance companies and guest choreographers in a double/triple evening performances, sharing the stage, the dance room and their dance experiences in an environment where connection, relation, creation and transformation takes place.

Companies in INTERsection

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