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ACDC Dance Intersect

ACDC Dance Intersect 2024

Connection | Relation | Creation | Transformation

The ACDC Dance Intersect 2024 is supported by the [Dutch] Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Dutch development/foreign policy.

6, 7 & 8 June 2024 Baxter Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

Connecting The World Through Dance

Silent Symphony of Feelings

ACDC 2024

‘Silent Symphony of Feelings’ is a theatre dance performance that emerges from the beauty and complex landscape of our shared human experiences through a series of interconnected stories and movement. It reveals the hidden depths of our emotions and invites us to contemplate the intricate relationship between memories, past experiences, bodies, space, sound and our collective consciousness. 

ACDC Dancers 2024

International  Guest Company

Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

ACDC Dance Intersect is dedicated to providing creatives with the opportunity and space to experiment and showcase their work. We are excited to offer a platform to young artists, local and international dance companies to share their artistic vision with our audience and the world. 

ACDC Dance Intersect 2024 invites Ballet De Barcelona as the 2024 International Guest Company.

ACDC is grateful to the Spanish Embassy for its support which has made this possible.

Ballet De Barcelona

Local South African  Guest Company

Unleashing The Potential of Collaboration

SboNdaba Dance is a registered non-profit company focussing on creating employment by building both professional capacity and professional platforms for the under-developed performing arts industry in South Africa, and, more specifically, creating opportunities for the under-resourced performing artists of the townships.

SboNdaba Dance 

Guest Choreographer

Inspire To Aspire

Lee van de Merwe 

ACDC Dance Intersect 2024 invites Lee van der Meer as guest choreographer, a dynamic and talented young choreographer from Cape Town, who is making her waves in the dance scene, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the art of choreography. 

ACDC Dance Intersect

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